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* [[ReleaseCycle|Explanation of the Release cycle ]]
* [[ReleaseCycle|Explanation of the Release cycle ]]
* [[CodingStandards|Coding Standards]]
* [[CodingStandards|Coding Standards]]
* [[LifeWithBzrAndLaunchpad|Learning bzr and Launchpad ]]
* [[GettingTheCode|Getting the Code (using Launchpad and bzr)]]
* [[GettingTheCode|Getting the Code (using Launchpad and bzr)]]

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Documentation is community-oriented and available for different audiences on several websites - this wiki is for project or release documentation, the developer documentation for the projects is on docs.openstack.org/developer for example. For official documentation, see docs.openstack.org. To log a bug against the documentation, go to http://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals or http://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-api-site.

There's also an OpenStack documentation mailing list and IRC channel at #openstack-doc.

OpenStack documentation

OpenStack APIs

API reference documentation

API specifications

Administration and configuration

User guides

Source Repositories

Doc source is on GitHub. Everyone can propose merges to docs, see Documentation/HowTo. Here are the repositories that build to docs.openstack.org.

For a complete listing of which docs are built, including details about source and target locations, see Documentation/Builds.


These guides are available and sourced in .rst files in /doc/source/ if you want to work on them:

Ideally the above content is geared towards developers.

The content at docs.openstack.org is for OpenStack administrators and application developers.


Lists current development release and past releases, with links to downloads and release notes (what's new and what's changed in each release as well as known issues and potential workarounds)


How to find or ask for support.


  • Glossary - Contains terms that are our definitions for OpenStack, cloud computing, and open source.

Project documentation


How to contribute code to OpenStack or develop using the OpenStack projects.

Launchpad reference

How we use Launchpad to track features, bugs and releases.

Writing documentation