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Open Infrastructure Foundation projects are committed to the use of inclusive language, avoiding unnecessary use of language which is commonly associated with oppression, racism, sexism, heterosexism, ablism, and similar forms of discrimination. Some words, phrases, and jargon which evoke connotations at odds with community values have found their way into common engineering parlance, and from there into our source code and documentation. Where possible, contributors to our projects opt for more more fitting and less exclusionary terminology. For these reasons the following terms have been identified by contributors as problematic, and so we seek recommendations for suitable alternatives (note that as English is the standard language for Open Infrastructure Project interfaces, documentation, and communication, these examples are English-focused).

slave, or master in slavery-related contexts: the MariaDB community is moving to primary/replica, MySQL leaning towards source/replica, Jenkins is going to manager/worker, Python community suggestions are parent/child or server/client or employer/worker, DNS(IETF) is going with primary/secondary servers, Django are looking at leader/follower, HSRP/VRRP/CARP protocols have traditionally used active/standby; for non-slavery-related contexts it's worth noting that there's significant activity in the Git upstream community to make the standard branch name main instead of master

blacklist/whitelist: deny/allow, reject/accept, exclude/include, block/pass

blackhat/whitehat: malicious/ethical

blackout: restrict, outage, redact

segregate: separate

man hour/man day: workhour/workday, person hour/person day, FTE hour/FTE day

manpower: worker, workforce, staff, labor

manned: staffed

rule of thumb: guideline

sanity check: status check, check in, validation

crippled: limited, restricted

native: natural, basic, base, original, normal, typical, standard

cakewalk: easy, straightforward

guru: expert, leader

kosher: acceptable, clean