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Submit abstracts here.

1 - Tim - WIP Outline/Abstract

  • Talk about what's new since the last talk (v2 API, Mini-DNS, Server Pools etc)
  • Advertize any new advanced features that are completed by the summit
  • How easy it is to get involved, get started
  • API design

2 - Graham

  • How does Designate integrate with OpenStack - How does Designate Sink work (multiple tenants, floating and fixed IPs, etc.)
  • Why is designate a better solution than current DNS providers in an Openstack Ecosystem ( allow reverse DNS on cloud owned IPs, sink service etc)
  • Lets itemize what backends are supported and how easy it would be to integrate other new backends that are spec-compliant

3 - Kiall

  • Whats up with Global Load Balancing?
  • The mini-DNS solution - why/if we did it (challenge of integrating with multiple vendors)
  • NSUpdate and supporting multiple pre-existing clients


Workshop - Joe

  • Designate Deploy/Use Workshop Install fest!
  • How easy it is to get involved, get started
  • How to migrate your current DNS solution to Designate