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Server Pools

SubTeam Lead

Graham Hayes (mugsie)

Team Members

Name IRC Nick Notes
Ron Rickard rjrjr
Darshan Sanghani dtx00ff
Betsy Luzader betsy



Server Pools Implementation Order

For the first pass of server pools, there is only a default pool and everything about it - is in the config file. The storage changes needed for the first pass should be minimal - possibly adding some columns to existing tables - serial number, status, deleted, pool_id etc. Please add your name to an item at the end, once you are ready to work on it. Feel free to split an item if you intend to work on part of it.

  1. MDns changes - notify_zone_changed, poll_for_serial_number (emmanuel, vinod)
  2. Pool Manager service - reading the config file etc.
  3. Pool Manager - create_domain, delete_domain, update_domain
  4. Pool Manager - update_status
  5. Mdns calling Pool Manager's update_status
  6. Central - update_status. Central's create/delete/update_domain now call into Pool Manager

At this point the first pass of Server Pools should be complete

For the 2nd pass we support multiple pools - so we need to add storage tables for pools, central and api changes for managing pools.