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Official Title

DNS as a Service


The DNS as a Service program builds systems and tools that facilitate the management of authoritative zones and records. The program takes a vendor nuetral approach to compatibility with numerous domain name servers. DNS as a service will fill an essential gap for domain name management especially in the assigning of domains to Openstack project resources such as servers, storage nodes, load balancers and other network topology.

Mission Statement

Enable operators to exceed their Domain Name System needs for stability, scale and functionality.


DNS as a service will support the following:

  • Compatibility with leading name servers
  • Functionality as defined by DNS RFCs
  • Use cases not defined in DNS RFCs but commonly solved through DNS implementation
  • Functionaltiy supporting the operation of authoritative and caching name servers
  • Instrumentation of name servers to facilitate public and private DNS


The Desigante code base has been in development for over 2 years and is considered stable. It is currently deployed in a production, public cloud environment at HP. Other companies, including eBay and Rackspace are strongly evaluating the code base for deployment in their solutions.

The current team of developers incorporates regular contributions from talent at HP, eBay, Rackspace, eNovance, and RedHat. The program maintains healthy IRC activity on #openstack-dns and meets every Wednesday at 17:00UTC [1]. Kiall Mac Innes is Project Technical Lead and founder.


Designate roadmap may be found here.