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Designate/Atlanta/Workshop 1

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Proposed Abstract for the workshop

Designate provides DNSaaS services for OpenStack.

The workshop shows how Designate can be installed with PowerDNS as the backend. For the purposes of the workshop the various designate components would be installed on a single node. Once installed it shows some of the V1 and V2 APIs for domain and record management. The workshop will conclude by using a tool like dig to retrieve the added records from the PowerDNS backend, showing a fully functional deployment.

The workshop will also cover the steps for contributing to the development of Designate.

Additional Notes on the workshop

I chose PowerDNS as the backend rather than BIND as it is more well tested as of now. I put in a single node – so that it is easier to control and easier for newbies to install. Also we talked about the workshop showing migration to Designate. However I think it is early at this point for us to talk about migration as we have not yet done a migrate with Designate.


  • REST API for domain & record management
  • Multi-tenant
  • Integrated with Keystone for authentication
  • Framework in place to integrate with Nova and Neutron notifications (for auto-generated records)
  • Support for PowerDNS and Bind9 out of the box