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Project codename: Moniker

Summary (one sentence abstract of the project): Moniker DNSaaS Project

Detailed Description: Moniker is a an DNS as-a-service project. It is intended to be used to provide DNS service from the entry point of creating, updating, maintaining and deleting DNS data using the Moniker API, to providing DNS resolution for users. It is a very modular project, allowing for the use of whatever DNS server and organization demands, or the database where DNS data is stored. It is also intended to work in conjunction with other components such as Nova.

What is the purpose of the project and vision for it?

To provide managed DNS for the Openstack Ecosystem using a REST API or Moniker Sink which consumes events from Nova or Quantum, or any other service that has events that would necessitate DNS changes. It also will replace Nova DNS bindings and provide much more robust and full-featured DNS functionality. Also, advanced DNS record support will be added such as DNSSEC.

Describe the relevance of the project to other OpenStack projects and the OpenStack mission to provide a ubiquitous cloud computing platform:

Moniker is adding a missing piece of data-center functionality, namely, one of the most ubiquitous services, DNS. Moniker will automate the name resolution changes required for the creation and deletion of Nova instances or other components.

Basic roadmap for the project:

The current release provides:

  • REST API for domain/record management
  • Multi-tenant
  • Integrated with Keystone for authentication
  • Framework in place to integrate with Nova and Quantum notifications (for auto-generated records)
  • Support for PowerDNS, MySQLBind, and Bind out of the box

Location of project source code:


Programming language, required technology dependencies:


Is project currently open sourced? What license?:


Level of maturity of software and team:

Software: Private Beta at HPCS. Implementations at other organizations Team: Working together for six months

Proposed project technical lead and qualifications:

Kiall Mac Innes

Kiall has worked on Openstack for 2 years. He has an extensive understand of DNS and is the lead author of Moniker

Other project developers and qualifications:

Simon McCartney

Simon has Extensive DNS, Orchestration, Database, and operation experience.

Patrick Galbraith

Patrick Galbraith has extensive database, operational and has worked on various aspects of Openstack and related projects (Red Dwarf)

Infrastructure requirements (testing, etc):

Currently on Stackforge using Gerrit and Jenkins which runs the unit test suite and pyflakes plus pep8.

Have all current contributors agreed to the OpenStack CLA?


Status: To be completed by PPB