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Design Summit/Planning

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Design Summit Spring 2011

This page contains all the planning information for the Spring 2011 Design Summit. Feel free to contact stephen.spector@openstack.org if you have any questions or want to contribute; help is always welcome.


I anticipate OpenStack holding three Design Summit events in 2011:

  • Design Summit Spring 2011 - United States location
  • Design Summit Summer 2011 - Europe location
  • Design Summit Fall 2011 - Asia location

At this time, I am looking for events to co-locate the Europe event with (e.g. LinuxTAG) and am planning Tokyo in the fall but nothing is confirmed yet. Please contact me if you have ideas for a location in Europe this summer.


The event is being planned for April 26 - 29, 2011 based on the following data:

  • Bexar Launch Planned - April 15, 2011
  • Ubuntu Design Summit - May 9-13, 2011 in Europe

We want to hold the event right after the launch of Bexar to ensure planning for Cactus and the following release occurs in a timely manner. Holding the event 1 week after the release allows us 1 week of slippage time in case of an unexpected issue as well avoids conflicts with Easter Sunday on the 24 and Good Friday (22). We also want to not overlap with the Ubuntu event in Europe.

All feedback on this date selection is requested, as we need to lock down the date by the end of December 2010.


The event is being planned for San Francisco, CA based on the following data:

  • 20% of all attendees at Design Summit 2010 in San Antonio, TX were from Silicon Valley/San Francisco area
  • Easy global travel access from Asia and Europe
  • Desirable location for an event with a variety of off-site locations for evening events

I am currently looking at various locations within the city for the event and am open to any ideas from the community for an event location.


All event plans will be posted on this Wiki page for community feedback, etc. I will be adding this information as the high level plan is put together.