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Design Summit/Mitaka/Travel Tips

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For some general Japan travel tips and more summit FAQ, please see https://www.openstack.org/summit/tokyo-2015/faq/#Category-5

Sim Cards

If you're used to picking up a cheap local sim card when you travel, Japan might be a new experience.

As a non-resident, you're basically not allowed to have a voice service. Data-only sim cards are available, but expect to pay USD30-40. However, the speeds are enjoyably fast :)

http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/Japan has all the details you'll ever need.

The simplest way TF has found is the "Japan Travel SIM (by Iijmio)". 1GB/30 days or 2GB/90 days validity options. https://t.iijmio.jp/en/index.html . You can purchase this from the Tokyo Tourist Information centre where they also speak English and Chinese and can give helpful travel advice for your stay in Japan. Just take the JR Yamanote line from Shinagawa Station near the venue to Tokyo Station ( http://www.tictokyo.jp/en/03_access/index.html).

http://www.bmobile.ne.jp/english/index.html is also available and can be sent to you at your hotel or the airport post office if preordered.


Taxis in Tokyo are very expensive. Especially do not try and take a taxi from Narita Airport to the city, which will cost around USD 200.

Airport transit

If you don't plan on taking a train from the airport, https://www.limousinebus.co.jp/en/ seems to drop off at some of the hotels in the area of the conference centre.

Large Electrics Stores

Akihabara has so many electrics shops, but there are large stores on/near major stations.

Station Bic Camera Yamada Denki Yodobashi Camera
Shinbashi (新橋) yes
Yurakucho (有楽町) yes
Akihabara (秋葉原) yes yes
Ueno (上野) yes
Ikebukuro (池袋) yes yes
Shinjuku (新宿) yes yes yes
Shibuya (渋谷) yes yes
Ohi Machi (大井町) yes
Tsurumi (鶴見) yes *
Kawasaki (川崎) yes yes * yes
Yokohama (横浜) yes yes

"yes * " = Far from station


A japanese weather report says that the temperature will be 10-17 degree Celsius (50-62.6 degree Fahrenheit) on the last weekdays of October in Tokyo. So, most people needs a jacket or an overcoat. But don't worry even without suitable ones. There are many clothes stores in/on/near major stations and UNIQLO is in JR Shinagawa Station.

Food Shopping

Keikyu Shopping Plaza Wing Takanawa East is located on JR/Keikyu Shinagawa Station and it has Keikyu Store at B1F. It's good to buy various foods, meals, vegitables, drinks, and so on.