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Design Summit/Juno

What is a Design Summit ?

Please see Summit for more details on how the Design Summit works !

Juno Design Summit



Official programs

  • Nova: Sessions about OpenStack Compute (Nova)
  • Swift: Sessions about OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)
  • Glance: Sessions about OpenStack Image service (Glance)
  • Keystone: Sessions about OpenStack Identity (Keystone)
  • Horizon: Sessions about OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
  • Cinder: Sessions about OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder)
  • Neutron: Sessions about OpenStack Network service (Neutron), and the future of Nova networking
  • Oslo: Common code and libraries between OpenStack projects
  • Devstack: Sessions about the Devstack program
  • TripleO: Sessions about the TripleO program (deploying OpenStack on OpenStack)
  • Ceilometer: Sessions about Ceilometer (Metering, Monitoring)
  • Heat: Sessions about Heat (Resource Orchestration)
  • Documentation: Future efforts on OpenStack documentation
  • QA: Sessions about QA efforts: unit tests, integration tests, upgrade tests, Tempest...
  • Release management: Release cycle management, stable branch maintenance, vulnerability management, development processes
  • Infrastructure: OpenStack infrastructure and continuous integration
  • Trove: Sessions about Trove
  • Sahara (ex-Savanna): Sessions about Sahara (formerly known as Savanna)
  • Ironic: Sessions about the Ironic incubated project
  • Marconi: Sessions about the Marconi incubated project
  • Barbican: Sessions about the Barbican incubated project

The "Cross-project workshops" topic

On the first day of the Juno summit, we'll have OpenStack cross-project workshops to discuss topics which affect all OpenStack projects, and therefore increase convergence and collaboration across program barriers. Workshops will be 90-min long.

The "Other projects" topic

The Design Summit is traditionally limited to official OpenStack programs, but projects that are related to OpenStack always asked for space to present and brainstorm. We traditionally used an Unconference room as an answer to that, but in the end it did not give those projects the visibility they were looking for, since unconference sessions did not appear in the official schedule.

For this summit we decided to give space to those projects. On the first day of the Design Summit there will be one or more room(s) dedicated to other projects. Those sessions will appear on the Design Summit schedule. This will be limited to one session per project, so people who want to present the same project should merge their presentations. Candidate projects need to be open source and strongly related to OpenStack. Preference will be given to stackforge projects. The session should ideally be an open discussion about the project, geared toward developers (rather than users) of the project.

The OpenStack Summit

The Juno Design Summit is co-located with the "OpenStack Summit" which is a more traditional conference. The Full pass that gives you access to the Design Summit area also gives you full access to the OpenStack Summit.

The schedule for the OpenStack Summit lives at: http://openstacksummitmay2014atlanta.sched.org/

The Ops meetup

The Juno Design Summit is also co-located with the "Ops meetup", an OpenStack operators gathering which will happen on the Monday and the Friday of the week. Developers and other contributors are encouraged to attend this event !

More details will be posted as we get closer to the event.

Questions ? Help ?

Contact Thierry Carrez at thierry<-A-T->openstack.org