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Design Summit/Havana/Etherpads

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(Please add links to the Havana Design Summit etherpad documents here)




  • 11:00am Testing in Horizon
  • 11:50am Keystone v3 and multi endpoint/region support
  • 1:50pm Quantum/Horizon integration
  • 2:40pm Heat GUI integration into Horizon
  • 3:40pm Ceilometer/Horizon Integration
  • 4:30pm Are we ready for real-time data in Horizon?
  • 5:20pm BoF: Building on Horizon




  • Oslo Status and Plans
  • Pecan/WSME Status
  • No-downtime DB migrations
  • Rootwrap improvements for the Havana cycle
  • Common packaging support and code analysis tools
  • RPC API review
  • ZeroMQ RPC for Ceilometer and Quantum
  • Message queue access control
  • RPC Message Signing and Encryption
  • Zipkin tracing in OpenStack
  • i18n strategy for OpenStack services
  • Common XenAPI libary





  • Adding new integrated projects to Tempest
  • testr / testtools feedback/next-steps
  • Tempest Best Practice Guide
  • Rackspace testing engine Case Study/Overview
  • Tempest - Gap Analysis - Identify new testsdevelop

Process / Infra

  • Calling all Interns and Mentors: Ideas to improve
  • Python3 in OpenStack
  • Stable Branch
  • Vulnerability management: infra needs, scoring...
  • Technical Committee membership evolution
  • Continuous-deployment for upstream Openstack
  • Dependency Management
  • Sorting out test runners, wrappers and venvs B119
  • Failure management in the gate
  • Bare Metal Testing
  • OpenStack CI logging
  • Review of non-infra-managed tooling
  • Projects (re)naming
  • Havana release schedule




  • Incremental improvement grab-bag
  • Double Entry Auditing of collected metrics in CM
  • API improvements for ceilometer
  • Logical combination of alarm states
  • Time series data manipulation in nosql stores
  • Simple messaging action for Alerting
  • Alarm state and history management
  • Ceilometer support for advanced billing models
  • Supporting rich data types and aggregation