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Design Summit/Havana/Etherpads

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(Please add links to the Havana Design Summit etherpad documents here)




  • Oslo Status and Plans
  • Pecan/WSME Status
  • No-downtime DB migrations
  • Rootwrap improvements for the Havana cycle
  • Common packaging support and code analysis tools
  • RPC API review
  • ZeroMQ RPC for Ceilometer and Quantum
  • Message queue access control
  • RPC Message Signing and Encryption
  • Zipkin tracing in OpenStack
  • i18n strategy for OpenStack services
  • Common XenAPI libary

Process / Infra


  • Tempest Scope: https://etherpad.openstack.org/havana-tempest-scope
  • Strategies for Gating in a growing project
  • multi-node openstack testing
  • FITS testing of public clouds
  • Gating/Validation of OpenStack Deployments
  • Upgrade testing and Grenade
  • Beyond the API - End to End Testing of OpenStack