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Design Summit/Folsom/Unconference

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Folsom Design Conference Open Space


The keyword is PARTICIPATORY. That's what makes it different from the regular conference sessions - we're looking for sessions that really engage all the participants, be it in hands on exercises or vigorous dialogue.

Principles and Rule

  1. Whoever comes is the right people
  2. Whenever it starts is the right time
  3. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have
  4. When it's over, it's over

The only rule is The Law of Two Feet.

It says simply that you, and only you, know where you can learn and contribute the most to the work that must take place today. It demands that you use your two feet to go where you need to go and do what you need to do. If at any time today, you find that you are not learning or contributing, you have the right and the responsibility to move... find another breakout session, visit the food table, take a walk in the sunshine, make a phone call -- but DO NOT waste time.

Session Proposals

The actual sessions will be decided in the morning and after lunch each day, but here is your chance to warm your fellow participants to to your proposal.

Title Proposer Description
Local Communities for OpenStack World Domination @lloyddewolf SFBay OpenStack is a effort of more than eight organizers from eight organizations. I think this is reflected well in the quality, quantity, and diversity of events and participation. To date it looks like many of the other local communities are organized by only one or a couple of people. What are the successes and challenges? How can we support each other in growing the local communities?
Leveling Up OpenStack Global Community Events @lloyddewolf We've now thrown a few global communities including a bug bash, doc day, and hack in. These first efforts were very much "release early, release often". Looking forward to collaborating on iterating and taking these events to the next level.
Kanyun: OpenStack Monitoring Project @lzyeval OpenStack monitoring project for tracking of metrics to charge for usage and detecting abnormal or hazardous behavior. http://etherpad.openstack.org/FolsomKanyun