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Deployment Working Group

Status: Active

Others willing to help organize please add your names here, expected duties will be encouraging/facilitating cross-team discussion, chairing meetings if we decide to have them, and helping to organize cross-project sessions at summit/PTG events.

Organisers: Steve Hardy(shardy@redhat.com), Andy McCrae (andy@andy.mc.it), Emilien Macchi (EmilienM on IRC)


There has historically been a fairly diverse variety of deployment orientated projects within the OpenStack community, and many of these projects share common requirements, and sometimes have duplicated effort around solving common problems.

This working group aims to improve that situation by encouraging cross-team discussion around deployment (and upgrade) workflow for OpenStack, open collaboration around the tools available.

The group is intended to be implementation agnostic (e.g welcome all teams regardless of their tool choice), but there are clearly some common tools in use over more than one project, so we'll aim to encourage reuse and open discussion around "building block" abstractions and layered architectures where possible.

Mailing List

ML discussion for this team will happen on the openstack-dev mailing list, threads should be tagged [deployment]


IRC channel

Ad-hoc discussion for this team can happen via the #openstack-deployment channel on Freenode


For each release, we'll create a new etherpad to share cross-project topics, such as specific deployment/upgrade issues, or cross-project aims for that cycle


Team Meetings

Team meetings are still under discussion, we may aim for semi-regular meetings depending on demand and topics determined for discusion