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Please see - https://groups.openstack.org/ambassador-program !


This section contains some boring information about administrative processes to do with the AmbassadorProgram.

How can I Apply?

If you feel ready, you can put in an application at the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LF9_1JVcrak5edqYMl1hqqnmDGhjlq7O5ZNn3Csk4ac/viewform

Add an Ambassador

To add an ambassador:

  1. Update https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Community/AmbassadorProgram with their information
  2. Update http://www.openstack.org/community with their information
  3. Change profile on https://groups.openstack.org/ to have ambassador status
  4. Update their "home" group to mark them as ambassadors for that group
  5. Add email to the mailing list
  6. Send a welcome email to the mailing list

Groups Portal: New Group Request

  1. New request comes in to the "Groups waiting for approval" queue
  2. If it's obviously not an OpenStack user group - for example spam, a general group covering IT, etc, reject with a link to what an OpenStack User Group is
  3. If it is something that looks almost like a user group
    1. Fix up the title so it conforms with the geographic name requirements - put "pet names" in braces at the end
    2. If there is missing information, such as an URL, that is easy to find, add it and update the group
    3. Research the group a little
      1. If the group is in conflict with an existing group (eg geographic overlap), or has obvious issues (such as advertising), ask Ambassadors to find a solution before approving.
      2. If the groups is not in obvious conflict with an existing group and has no obvious issues, find an Ambassador to mentor the group and pending no Ambassador objections, approve the request quickly.