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CloudPulseClient - Command Line Client for Cloudpulse


The cloudpulseclient is the command-line interface (CLI) for the OpenStack cloudpulse service.

Cloudpulseclient usage

To get help on any subcommand enter:

$ cloudpulse help SUBCOMMAND

cloudpulseclient usage

cloudpulse client usage

usage: cloudpulse [--version] [--debug] [--os-cache]
                  [--os-region-name <region-name>]
                  [--os-tenant-id <auth-tenant-id>]
                  [--service-type <service-type>]
                  [--endpoint-type <endpoint-type>]
                  [--cloudpulse-api-version <cloudpulse-api-ver>]
                  [--os-cacert <ca-certificate>] [--insecure]
                  [--bypass-url <bypass-url>] [--os-auth-system <auth-system>]
                  [--os-username <username>] [--os-password <password>]
                  [--os-tenant-name <tenant-name>] [--os-token <token>]
                  [--os-auth-url <auth-url>]
                  <subcommand> ...



  • result - List all the tests results
  • run - Run new test
  • show - Show the detailed results of the test
  • delete - Delete a test
  • help - Display help about this program or one of its subcommands
  • bash-completion - Prints all of the commands and options to stdout so that the cloudpulse.bash_completion script doesn’t have to hard code them.

cloudpulse result

usage: cloudpulse result [--failed] [--period <period>]

List all the tests

Optional arguments:

--failed Display only failed tests.

--period <period> List all tests in the last x minutes.

cloudpulse run

usage: cloudpulse run <name>

Run new test

Positional arguments:

<name> Name of the healthcheck to run

cloudpulse show

usage: cloudpulse show <cpulse> [<cpulse> ...]

Show the results of the test

Positional arguments:

<cpulse> ID or name of the (cpulse)s to show.

cloudpulse delete

usage: cloudpulse delete <cpulse> [<cpulse> ...]

Delete the test

Positional arguments:

<cpulse> ID or name of the (cpulse)s to delete.