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Operator Tests

Perform the following steps to use cloudpulse to run operator tests. For Operator tests, only containerized environments are supported.

Install RPM Packages

The following RPM packages need to be installed.

yum install -y ansible

Setup SSH Keys

Operator test runs an ansible playbook on the target nodes and gets the required information. To enable cloudpulse to do operator tests the ssh keys have to be created and added to the authorized keys in all the target systems from the host running cloudpulse.

ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub "<target_node_ip>"

Create node configuration file

Location of node configuration file needs to be provided to cloudpulse.conf to do operator tests:

operator_setup_file = <path_nodes_config.yaml>

The node configuration file contains the information in the following format:

## nodes_config.yaml
## Modify and place this file in any location <path_nodes_config.yaml>.

# Format
#    ip: <IP-address>
#    user: root
#    role: <compute, control, storage>

    ip: <compute_node_1_ip>
    user: root
    role: compute
    ip: <controller_node_1_ip>
    user: root
    role: control compute
    galerauser: <galera_user_name>
    galerapassword: <galera_password>
    ip: <controller_node_2_ip>
    user: root
    role: control
    galerauser: <galera_user_name>
    galerapassword: <galera_password>
    ip: <controller_node_3_ip>
    user: root
    role: control
    galerauser: <galera_user_name>
    galerapassword: <galera_password>

Run Operator Tests

cloudpulse-server --config-file <path_cloudpulse.conf>