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About Hackathons

​OpenStack Hackathons bring together hundreds of technologists in a supportive learning environment to practice their skills with the latest cloud tools. Hackathons are hard work to run, requiring 3-6 months of planning, but the value of a hackathon is multifold:

  • Help app developers build knowledge and skill for cloud-native applications
  • Develop new relationships and discover new talent in your local community
  • Practice collaboration and working as a team across various roles
  • Understand the value of open source and how to participate in the open source community

Prior to contacting the Hackathon-WG to request support for organising a hackathon, please read over the material provided here: https://www.openstack.org/community/events/openstackhackathons/

Cloud Application Hackathon Working Group

Tag for Hackathon Working Group = #Hackathon-WG

  • Please make sure to append the subject line of your User Committee maling list emails with "[Hackathon-WG] <Email subject line>"
  • For social media and any other documents created relating to this WG please use the hashtag: #hackathon-wg

Working Group Overview

The Cloud Application Hackathon working group actively supports community members who want to organize and run a cloud application hackathon for their community. The working group (WG) will share it’s collective knowledge, exchange of best practices, documentation, and provide mentorship. This WG is a place for hackathon organisers to come and receive planning advice which is practical and helps the organiser achieve event success by leveraging the capabilities of the global OpenStack community.

What can you ask this Working Group to do?

Please email the chairs of this WG via the User Committee mailing list to ask them for help to:

  • Review and approve your application for running an OpenStack Hackathon (see application form below).
  • Help you understand the timelines of tasks for setting up and running a hackathon, i.e. usually 6-9 months.
  • Connect you with like-minded Open Source developers and community leaders who can support your hackathon application.
  • Acquire guidance on how to setup your event steering committee, i.e. your hackathon committee will help seek sponsorship, mentors, infrastructure and other event resourcing.
  • Setup up your cloud application infrastructure for the event (OpenStack + APIs/SDKs + Orchestration Language + C/PaaS + etc + ???)
  • Request names of previous hackathon organisers who can help provide guidance on your hackathon.
  • Provide introduction to the OpenStack Foundation and other sponsors for supporting resources.
  • Act as an additional point of contact for guidance in developing a successful, safe, inclusive and rewarding hackathons.
  • Empower you to run a hackathon for your local Open Source communities, while assuring you are connected with international cloud app expertise.
  • Facilitate activities leading up to the hackathon, without impeding the local group’s schedules or progress.
  • Provide skill guidance from a range of communities (AppDev, DevOps, SysAdmin, NetEng, SREs, UXers, etc) for the purpose of better hackathon team cohesion.
  • Introduce hackathon champions who regularly participate and are aware for the wide range of cloud application tools, connectors and technologies.
  • Provide contacts who are willing to partner in supporting the logistics of the event.
  • Suggest whom in the community can provide pre-training for teams, including videos / screencasts, on-site training and other learning resources.
  • Provide guidance on how to recruit community volunteers to support the hackathon training activities and competition.
  • Provide oversight/audit of the judging process to assure equity and fairness.
  • Liaise between the local hackathon organisers and the OpenStack User Committee: https://www.openstack.org/foundation/user-committee/
  • Get your hackathon listed / promoted on the OpenStack website: https://www.openstack.org/community/events/openstackhackathons/

Out of Scope for this WG

This working group does NOT:

  • build applications
  • provide guidance on how application should be built
  • provide funding for hackathons

How to Engage with this Working Group

Please email the user committee mailing list with the subject tag of [hackathon-wg] to request a meeting with the chairs of the hackathon working group: http://lists.openstack.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/user-committee

How to apply?

To run an officially approved OpenStack Hackathon, you will need to apply to the Hackathon Working Group Chairs for approval. Please email the User Committee Mailing list (above) with the Subject line of "[hackathon-wg] request for approval of hackathon <CityXYZ>" Included in this email should be information on:

  1. Your name, email and any identifiers (IRC, Twitter, etc).
  2. Your role and organisation affiliation, e.g. Research Community Manager for the University of Melbourne.
  3. Your preferred video conference channel (skype/zoom/hangouts/etc) for having a meeting with one of the chairs of the hackathon-wg.
  4. Where your hackathon is going to take place, i.e. which city and in affiliation with which companies and/or (ideally) Universities.
  5. Is this going to be an Open event (i.e. public competition open for anyone), or a private internal event (company wide training on private cloud)?
  6. Date range for when you would like the hackathon to take place. Please keep in mind planning for hackathons of more than 200 people is around 6-9 months.
  7. Possible number of participants including age, range and demographic of target audience. NB team sizes are usually 3-6 people per team.
  8. Description of event theme, including pre-training learning objectives and overall hackathon theme (prizes)?
  9. Areas of support where you feel you will need help and guidance?
  10. Have you contacted your local OpenStack community Ambassador and discussed this proposal with them?
  11. Number of judges you will require during the hackathon? e.g. minimum of 3 judges per 9 teams.
  12. Number of coaches/mentors you will require in training build-up and on-hand during the event?#Have you created a project schedule/timeline? See 'hackathon organisers kit' for examples.
  13. Have you created a project budget? See 'hackathon organisers kit' for examples.
  14. What pre-event training do you plan on having an in what format? e.g. video training tutorials sent a month in advance or face-to-face training the week before.

When will you interact with this WG

Process flow (timeline) for hackathon organisers to engage the hackathon-wg:

  1. Idea and interest: so you'd like to positively impact impact your local community by organising an Open Source cloud hackathon?!
  2. Let us know: send an email to the User Committee Mailing List including the above information on your hackathon.
  3. Helps on the way: Open Source is ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY - we'll get you connected with your local user groups and global community stakeholders.
  4. Create a plan: all great events begin with a plan. Ask for example and guidance on your great event vision!
  5. Getting serious: let the organisation begin: details, details, detials. Don't be afraid to ask help us to connect you with previous hackathon organisers!
  6. Main event: with weeks to go let's start to discuss the gaps and concerns you may have prior to the hackathon.
  7. Wrap-up: now that you've had a successful hackathon , let's review the lessons learned and capture them for future events around the world!

Co-Chairs of this Working Group

  • Michael Jenkins, Birkbeck, University of London.
  • Gonzalo de la Torre, University of Texas San Antonio.

Further information

Please see the Foundation's website for further information on previous hackathons: https://www.openstack.org/community/events/openstackhackathons/