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#action rosmaita to update policy matrix
#action: rosmaita to update policy matrix
#action consider attributes (system level like host) associated to personas (for show, list, filtering...)
#action: consider attributes (system level like host) associated to personas (for show, list, filtering...)
===More "Cloudy" like actions for Cinder===
===More "Cloudy" like actions for Cinder===

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The fifth virtual PTG for the Zed cycle of Cinder was conducted from Tuesday, 5th April, 2022 to Friday, 8th April, 2022, 4 hours each day (1300-1700 UTC). This page will provide a summary of all the topics discussed throughout the PTG.

This document aims to give a summary of each session. More context is available on the cinder Zed PTG etherpad:

The sessions were recorded, so to get all the details of any discussion, you can watch/listen to the recording. Links to the recordings are located at appropriate places below.

Tuesday 05 April


For the benefit of people who haven't attended, this is the way the cinder team works at the PTG:

  • sessions are recorded
  • please sign in on the "Attendees" section of this etherpad for each day
  • all notes, questions, etc. happen in the etherpad; try to remember to preface your comment with your irc nick
  • anyone present can comment or ask questions in the etherpad
  • also, anyone present should feel free to ask questions or make comments during any of the discussions
  • we discuss topics in the order listed in the etherpad, making adjustments as we go for sessions that run longer or shorter
  • we stick to the scheduled times for cross-project sessions, but for everything else we are flexible

Release cadence discussion: tick-tock model


There was a PTL-TC session about this on 4th April, 2022 (Monday) and the following points were discussed:

  • This only affects the upgrade path and not the release model which remains same (i.e. 6 months)
  • It proposes a tick-tock release model where if a release is tick, the subsequent release will be tock and so on
  • This new effort provides the ability to upgrade from tick->tick release (skipping one release) but we cannot upgrade (directly) from tock-> tock release
  • There is a job in place, grenade-skip-level, that will run on tick releases and check upgrade from tick-> tick release (or N-2 to N release)

There's a patch up by Gorka documenting the impact of the new release cadence on Cinder and it requires changes based on the discussion at PTG about the following points: Patch: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/cinder/+/830283

There will be a 2 cycle deprecation process which we can see with the following example, Suppose we have a config option "cinder_option_foo" deprecated in AA (tick), we need to continue the deprecation process in BB (tock), then we can remove that option in CC (tick + 1).


  1. action geguileo to update the patch with the current discussion points

Best review practices doc

whoami-rajat is working on putting together a review doc that would help new reviewers to efficiently review changes hence increasing the quality of review. link: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/cinder/+/834448 The discussion had a great point that should be mentioned in the review doc regarding a reviewer doesn't have to review everything but mentioning what they reviewed would benefit the other reviewers a lot. Eg: If someone reviewed the releasenote, it saves other reviewers time looking at the releasenote. Also there is a suggestion regarding adding the tick/tock release cadence specific review points.


  1. action whoami-rajat to update the review doc with the suggested points

Secure RBAC

We made the project ID optional in the url to support the system scope use case with the plan to expand scopes from project level to system level in Zed. System level personas will deal with system level resources that are not project specific, Eg: host information. We also have to take into account mixed personas for some resources like volume type is a system level resource but acts at project level if it is private and also needs to be listed by project members to create resources like volumes.

The community goal is divided into different phases and the goals for every phase are defined as follows:

  • Phase 1: project scope support -- COMPLETED
  • Phase 2: project manager and service role
  • Phase 3: (in AA) implement system-member and system-reader personas

The two new roles i.e. manager and service are intended to serve some use cases as follows:

  • Manager: It will have more authority than members but less authority than an admin. Currently, it is useful for set default volume type for a project.
  • Service: useful for service to service interaction. Eg: currently we requires an admin token for cinder-nova interaction that makes a service like cinder to be able to do anything in nova as an admin.

There were doubts regarding resource filtering which we can propose as extend work item to the current SRBAC goal. Currently our resource filtering has same functional structure i.e. if it doesn't work for non-admins then it doesn't work for admins either. There was another concern regarding attribute level granularity. Eg: the host field in the volume show response is a system scope entity which should be not be returned with a project scoped token response.


  1. action: rosmaita to update policy matrix
  2. action: consider attributes (system level like host) associated to personas (for show, list, filtering...)

More "Cloudy" like actions for Cinder