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This page contains a summary of the subjects covered during the Cinder project sessions at the Victoria PTG, held virtually June 2-5, 2020.

The sessions were recorded. Links to the recordings are located at appropriate places below.

The full etherpad and all associated notes may be found here:

The Cinder Team at the Victoria (Virtual) PTG, June 2020.

Tuesday 02 June: Current Cinder Issues


Discuss the security issue when an attached volume exposes host information to non-admins

Discussion led by whoami-rajat

Sizing encrypted volumes

Discussion led by eharney and enriquetaso


Discussion led by rosmaita

(The team adjourned early so that the Cinder core security team could review the patches and plan for rolling out the changes for the bugfix for Launchpad Bug #1823200, which would become public the next day.)

Wednesday 03 June: Third Party Drivers


Bug: Fail to extend attached volume using generic NFS driver

Discussion led by lseki

Improvement proposal for LVM volume driver, direct attached storage via cinder

The proposer wasn't available, but we discussed the issue anyway.

Ceph iSCSI driver

Discussion led by hemna

Remove volume driver abc classes

Discussion led by eharney

Backup Driver issues

Discussion led by Shatadru

Backporting 'supported' status

Keeping 'unsupported' drivers in-tree

Ussuri Development Cycle Retrospective for Driver Developers

Broken RBD live migration

This wasn't actually a discussion, someone left a question on the etherpad and Gorka answered it.

Thursday 04 June: Cinder Improvements


Recent Security Issues

Quick discussion of OSSN-0086, which was announced yesterday.

Reviewing our reviewing strategies

Discussion led by eharney

Interop WG interlude

Looking at type annotation

Discussion led by eharney

Cinderclient CLI usability issue

Discussion led by rosmaita

OpenStack Client tangent

Because we were talking about working on the cinderclient, the question came up: what about the openstackclient? Since Jay is on the TC, and the TC is thinking about the unified client issue, we talked about this a bit.

Community Goals

Ussuri Development Cycle Retrospective

(We adjourned early for the Virtual Happy Hour, which was not recorded.)

Friday 05 June 2020: XP & TCB (cross-project and taking care of business)


Cinder/Glance creating image from volume with Ceph

Discussion led by abhishekk

Make cinder store of glance compatible with multiple stores

Disucssion led by abhishekk

Gate job for glance cinder store

Discussion led by whoami-rajat

Glance image co-location

Discussion led by jokke_

Refresh connection_info

Discussion led by eharney (lyarwood couldn't be here)

DR operations and broken volume connections

Related topic introduced by sfernand

Dynamic front-end QoS

Victoria spec review

Technical debt

Cycle Priorities and Schedule