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This page contains a summary of the subjects covered during the Stein PTG in Denver, Colorado Wednesday September 12th, through Friday September 14th, 2018.

The full planning etherpad and all associated notes may be found here. Note that the detailed notes have been split out into etherpads for each day of our meetings.

Stein Development Priorities

For the Stein release we will continue to use an etherpad to track execution towards our development priorities.

*Update Scheduler to use Locking Methods from the Placement Service (for HA support)
*Generic Backup Implementation
*Deferred Deletion in RBD
*Update Backup's Size when Backup is Created
*Driver Capabilities Reporting
*Parallel Attach and Detach of Volumes in os-brick
*Cinder API to re-image an Attached Volume
*shared_targets improvements
*Adding Default volume_type to Avoid Untyped Volumes
*Re-initialize Failed Volume Driver
*Architect/Design Storyboard Usage with goal of Migration at the end of Stein
*cinderlib inclusion into Cinder
*Installation Documentation Improvements
*Implementation of Privsep
*Cinder API to Evacuate a Storage Backend
*Adding tests for Policy Changes
*Adding Ceph iSCSI Support

Wednesday 9/12/2018

Etherpad with Detailed Notes

Wednesday Video Recording Part 1

Rocky Retrospective

  • Decision: We got better in a number of areas and agreed that we had some actions going into Stein to continue improvement.

*Agreement: We would like to be able to respond to user comments in the user survey.
*Agreement: Team is glad that we are focusing on bug fixes rather than getting more features in place.
*Agreement: We have issues in our security bug handling that will need to be resolved in the future.
*Agreement: We should try to do more active bug triage during weekly meetings.
*Action (jungleboyj): Follow up with Kendall Waters on a good way to respond to user survey comments.
*Action (team): Review responses to the user survey, categorize the comments and respond accordingly.
*Action (whoami-rajat): Get a list of 2 to 3 bugs ready to discuss in our next weekly meeting.
*Action (team): Try to use the bug review process as an opportunity to make sure we are backporting bug fixes. 

Explore Using Placement with Cinder

  • Decision: Trying to move to the placement service would introduce more problems than it would resolve. We are instead going to pull in the locking technology from the Placement Service to our Scheduler.

*Action (jaypipes) Review the Cinder scheduler design and provide guidance on how to integrate better locking.
*Action (geguileo) Work to implement the locking improvements recommended by Jay Pipes.

Wednesday Video Recording Part 2

Storyboard Migration

  • Decision: We will have to migrate at some point and it seems that this could be an opportunity to better document our processes and fix things about the current process that we do not like.

*Agreement: Most sensible to design our processes using Storyboard via documentation and then use that to prototype things in the tool.
*Action (jungleboyj) Start writing documentation for Storyboard usage and prototyping in storyboard-dev.  This will serve as our design process.
*Action (team) Team to review patches and collaboratively help design the new processes.
*Action (jungleboyj) Figure out how we keep people from using Launchpad once we make the cut over to Storyboard.
*Goal: Migrate to Storyboard by the end of the Stein release.

Revisit the ides of having a Cinder Data Service

  • Decision: We will do some investigation into this proposal but this is not a high priority.

*Action (team): Keep the data service in mind when we have Active/Active volume services fully functional.  They may solve this problem.
*Action (jungleboyj): Propose this as a forum topic to get input as for as interest from the users.
*Action (smcginnis): Look at the volume manager to see what functions might be able to be split out into a data service as an effort to see how feasible this idea is.

Discuss Issues Related to Privsep

  • Decision: Tommy Hu submitted a patch that resolves the threading issues with Privsep. This makes it possible for us to move forward with Privsep.

*Action (eharney and others): Continue to work to get Cinder over to using Privsep instead of rootwrap.
*Action (team): Reviewers can now approve Privsep patches.

Wednesday Video Recording Part 3

Driver Capabilities in Cinder

  • Decision: This is a weak point in Cinder and our users are asking for improvements. We should work on getting capabilities reporting from drivers to be more useful.

*Action (eharney): Write a spec that makes a more solid proposal of what the functionality should be.
*Action (eharney): Fix the current default capabilities in driver.py .  What is in there currently should be opt-in capabilities rather than default.

Revisit 'shared_targets' idea

  • Decision: Changes to the latest Open iSCSI Code make it necessary to handle 'shared_targets' differently than we currently have been.

*Action (geguileo): Propose handling 'shared_target' locking to the Nova team in os-brick instead of in Nova.
*Action (geguileo): To ensure that there are no upgrade implications with the change being made to os-brick/nova.

Process for ensuring that changes make it from python-cinderclient to openstackclient and Horizon

  • Decision: We have an opportunity to improve the process of tracking changes into OSC and Horizon as we move to using Storyboard.

*Action (jungleboyj): Consider creating tags for this when creating the workflow for Storyboard.
*Action (jungleboyj): Working on getting changes into OSC and Horizon could be a work opportunity for an outreachy intern.
*Action (jungleboyj): Look at the current gap analysis for functionality and create tasks to implement missing functions.

Wednesday Video Recording Part 4

Cross Project Discussion time with Ironic

  • Decision: Cross project time with Ironic was helpful and we agreed on a few things that we could work together upon.

*Action (jungleboyj): Given Ironic's interest in having iSCSI support for Ceph Jay will work on getting people from his Shanghai development team to help with this.
*Action (eharney): To check with the Ceph team at RedHat about any possible issues with going forward with this.
*Action (jungleboyj):  To work with TheJulia to figure out how both Ironic and Cinder can respond to questions/requests in the User Survey feedback.