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This page contains a summary of the subjects covered during the Queens PTG in Dublin, Ireland Wednesday February 28th, through Friday March 2nd, 2018.

The full etherpad and all associated notes may be found here.

Wednesday 2/28/2018

Etherpad with Detailed Notes

Video Recording Part 1

Support signature verification when create from image

  • Decision: We do wish to go forward with this feature.

*Agreement: We will add a config option for this.  It should be enabled by default.  If the signature is in the image we verify it, if not there is nothing to do.
*Agreement:  We will need to look close at where there are places in the code path that an image is being moved and make sure that we do appropriate checking.
*Action (tommylikehu):  Ensure that we have pointers the documentation explaining how to set up the keys and signing.
*Action (jungleboyj):  Add the spec to the spec review list:  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/384143/

Generic Backup

  • Decision: We do want to continue forward implementing this.

*Action (e0ne):  Create documentation that indicates where this works and does not.
*Action (e0ne):  Update the spec based on how the code is developed.
*Action (eharney):   To review the following patch:  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/543967/

Video Recording Part 2

Support restore backup to different volumes simultaneously

  • Decision: This is not something that we want to do as it really seems to be an inappropriate use of backup.

*Action (abishop):  To create a bug on narrowing the lock timing on creating a volume from the image cache. (method: _create_from_image_cache_or_download in cinder/volume/flows/manager/create_volume.py)

Automatic config generation

  • Decision: This needs to be investigated and understood as far as how this can be automated/updated.

*Agreement:  This is a relatively critical thing to work on given the user experience impact. 
*Action (patrickeast):  See if we can find the documentation for shared backend config options.
*Action (jungleboyj):  Figure out how to bring in the extension for oslo.sphinx.
*Action (jungleboyj):  Try migrating over the LVM driver to be automated as a first patch.

Revisit grouping release notes

  • Decision: The release notes are not as user friendly as we would like. Work in this area would be good.

*Action (jungleboyj):  Start documenting some standards around release note file names.  I.E. <driver>-<what is being done (add|remove|fix|destroy)>-<description>
*Action (jungleboyj):  Figure out how the release note build process is working and document anything that might help us to better leverage the process.
*Action (jungleboyj):  Clean up issues with existing notes.

Condense/Standardize on Base Set of Config Options

  • Decision: We do not want to pursue this further right now as we have enough other work to do to get the config options cleaned up.

Video Recording Part 3

Support AZ in volume type

  • Decision: The team supports making this change.

*Action (team):  Need to review the spec:  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/542691/
*Action (tommylikehu):  To propose code based on the final spec.

Mark volume backend or pool sold out

  • Decision: The team needs to better understand what is really being proposed before making a decision.

*Action (tommylikehu):  To create a spec that addresses the items discussed and documented in the etherpad and we will continue discussion/review.

Video Recording Part 4

Path forward with our documentation

  • Decision: Our documentation does need work and is something to put attention into during the Rocky cycle.

*Action (datasundae):  First step is to run through the process and verify it works for Ubuntu and fix it.  Determine what may need to be added or removed.
*Action (datasundae):  Update the installation guide landing page to better describe what it is there for installation instructions.  Add links to devstack for development environment installation.  Add links to distributor install guides if appropriate.
*Action (eharney and hemna):   Verify the SuSE and Red Hat documentation.  It is broken ... should be fixed.
*Action (smcginnis):  Review upgrade guide to verify validity for current release. 
*Action (smcginnis):  Add the option changes information for Queens.
*Action (jungleboyj):  Propose forum topic on on documentation for Cinder.

Mutable config options

  • Decision: We need to make sure that what we think works for Cinder is working and can address doing more in the future.

*Action (NEEDS OWNER):  Ensure that the existing log level support for a mutable option works.
*Action (NEEDS OWNER):  Make sure we don't restart our services with a SIGHUP.
*Agreement:  If additional mutable config options are needed it will mostly likely be by driver developers.  We can work with them to get the features added when that time comes.

Zoning enhancements

  • Decision: Team is in support of continuing to improve the zoning support.

*Action (gman-tx):  Will put up a patch to add the ability for the FCZM to do blacklists and also look into options to zone in parallel.
*Action (hemna):  Will rebase the following patch to move the FCZM out to its own library:  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/472855/
*Action (hemna):  Going to check if they have 3Pars that have FC and looking into what would need to be done to zone only on the first volume attach for an array.

Auto max_over_subscription_ratio agreement

  • Decision: Do not want to have multiple config options supporting this.

*Action (erlon):  To talk to patrickeast and Nikesh to find out if the options that are in their drivers can be changed to use the common option that was added.