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This page contains a summary of the subjects covered during the Queens PTG in Denver, Colorado Wednesday September 13th, through Friday September 15th, 2017.

The full etherpad and all associated notes may be found here.

Wednesday 9/13/2017

Etherpad with Detailed Notes


Cinder T-Shirt Discussion

  • Decision: Team does want to do a Cinder team T-Shirt with just our new Logo on the front.
  • Action: Jay to work on making this happen before the next PTG.

Replication Failback

  • Action: (jbernard) Going to propose a spec that describes a two step process for promoting a backend to be primary for failback.
  • Action: (jungleboyj) Add the spec, when available, to the priority review list so that this get attention early in the release.
  • Action: (jungleboyj) Follow up with Xing to find out how this impacts group replication.

Using Constants for Microversions

  • Agreement: We want to move to using constants to track microversions.
  • Agreement: Reviewers in the future should enforce using constants for microversions.
  • Action: (smcginnis) A patch will be posted with a proposal on how to do this. Core team needs to review and use it as the example going forward.
  • Action: (smcginnis) Share the review with Ben so that Manila can do something similar.

Review of Base Required Features

  • Agreement: Nothing needs to be changed right now. As features continue to evolve we can readdress again in the future.


Default Policy in Code

  • Agreement: We don't want to mix changing our policy granularity, defaults, naming, etc. at the same time as moving the default in code.
  • Agreement: Do patches as a dependency chain.
  • Action: (TommyLikeHu) Existing patches will be updated soon based on the agreed upon items above.
  • Action: Core team to work to merge these as soon as possible to avoid merge conflicts, etc.

Multi-Attach Discussion

  • Info: Concerns about each driver needing changes to support multi-attach. Could be handled by having a capability of multi_attach = False by default unless drivers enable it.
  • Agreement: Need some way for drivers to indicate when a connection is shared. This can then be used to help Brick handle things properly.
  • Agreement: Need good documentation on how this works so that the driver maintainers can properly implement it.



  • Action: (jungleboyj) Talk to the documentation team about pointing to the 'latest' documentation for Developer Guide, Contributor Guide and API-REF.
  • Action: (smcginnis) Sean will look at moving the microversion information to the API ref when working on the constants.
  • Info: Release Notes work differently than other code changes. If you need to change a release note in a stable branch it shouldn't go into master first.
  • Agreement: Don't need to be opening bugs for every change to the documentation. Just fix it.
  • Agreement: Do not need to make documentation build a part of our default tox runs. People need to run 'tox -e docs' on their own if they have touch documentation or strings.

Grouping Release Note Changes

  • Agreement: We would like developers to group together release note changes. I.E. all the notes on the VMAX driver go into one release note that is updated during the development cycle.
  • Action: (jungleboyj) Bring up at the next weekly team meeting.
  • Action: (jungleboyj) Send a note to the mailing list.
  • Action: (jungleboyj) Update devref on release notes.

Add the ability to collect resource's count

  • Info: Issues were already addressed and further discussion was not needed.

Appropriately Handling Microversions and the CLI

  • Agreement: For each microversion bump on the server we need to have a change that bumps the max microversion, at a minimum, in the client.
  • Action: Core reviewers need to make sure that for a microversion change in the server we find a corresponding change in the client.

Discuss cut-off Deadlines for Queens

  • Agreement: We will follow the same schedule as far as deadlines as was followed in Pike.

Automatic Configuration Generation

  • Action: (jungleboyj) To look at spinxext plugin and see how we can use that to better generate tables for the configuration reference.

Condense/Standardize on Base Set of Config Options

  • Agreement: We want to go forward with the consolidation. We will do it for drivers all at once. Kendall will do it for the drivers rather than trying to get each owner to do it.
  • Agreement: Merge the code regardless of CI state and then look at marking the driver unsupported as we find more without CI running.
  • Action: (diablo_rojo) Start implementing the consolidation.
  • Action: (diablo_rojo) Update the 'How to Contribute a Driver documentation to point to common config options that should be used.
  • Action: Reviewers need to watch for proliferation of configuration options in new drivers and discourage use of the addition of new ones.


Support Reverting Volume to any Snapshot

  • Agreement: We are not going to change the functionality at this point in time. There isn't a good solution to make this possible for all drivers right now.

Installation Guide Validation

  • Action (jungleboyj) Common content at the start of the install guide needs to be replaced with a reference to the openstack-manuals version of the content.
  • Action (jungleboyj) Rather than having 3 different installation guides it would be good to collapse common content down into individual files as much as possible.

Thursday 9/14/2017

Etherpad with Detailed Notes