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Weekly Cinder team meeting


If you're interested in Cinder or Block Storage in general for OpenStack, we have a weekly meetings in #openstack-meeting, on Wednesdays at 16:00 UTC. Please feel free to add items to the agenda below. NOTE: When adding topics please include your IRC name so we know who's topic it is and how to get more info.

Previous meeting logs can be found here: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/cinder/

Add your IRC nick to this list to be pinged at the start of the meeting: dulek duncant eharney geguileo winston-d e0ne jungleboyj jgriffith thingee smcginnis hemna xyang tbarron scottda erlon rhedlind jbernard _alastor_ vincent_hou kmartin patrickeast sheel dongwenjuan JaniceLee cFouts Thelo vivekd adrianofr mtanino yuriy_n17 karlamrhein diablo_rojo jay.xu jgregor baumann rajinir wilson-l reduxio wanghao thrawn01 chris_morrell watanabe.isao

Weekly Cinder Test meeting

MEETING TIME: Wed at 1500 UTC in #openstack-cinder

Meet to discuss Test development, issues, and patches for review


Next meeting

NOTE: Include your IRC nickname with your agenda items so that you can be called upon in the meeting and arrive at the meeting promptly if placing items in agenda. Please have any supporting links ready. You might want to put this on your calendar if you are adding items.


July 13, 2016 16:00 UTC

  • Guidance for drivers that use external libs [DuncanT]
    • Prompted by https://review.openstack.org/#/c/337093/
    • We should write up some guidance for drivers that make use of external python libraries in their drivers
    • I suggest something along the lines of "External (PIP installable) python libraries can be used by drivers, providing they use a license that allows them to be freely repackaged and redistributed (to allow downstream packages freedom to package as they need). Libraries should be limited to general device operations, not cinder specific details, which should remain in the driver. For example, the external library should not need to import cinder files."

Meeting Minutes