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Included Backend Drivers For OpenStack BlockStorage Services

There are two main services in OpenStack BlockStorage (Volume and Backup) that utilize vendor provided drivers.

The following is a list of those drivers currently actively maintained and supported by the project team. These drivers are submitted using the same process and guidelines as any other code in the project, including review requirements, unit testing etc.

Currently available integrated volume drivers included in Cinder

  • Ceph RADOS Block Device (RBD)
  • Coraid AoE Driver
  • DELL Equalogic Driver
  • EMC SMI-S iSCSI Driver
  • GlusterFS Driver
  • HDS iSCSI Driver
  • HP 3PAR Driver
  • HP Lefthand SAN driver
  • Huawei Storage Driver
  • IBM GPFS Driver
  • IBM Storwize Family and SVC Driver
  • LVM Volume Driver (default reference implementation)
  • NetApp Unified Driver
  • Nexenta Drivers
  • NFS Driver (reference implementation)
  • SolidFire Clusterd Storage Driver
  • VMware VMDK Driver
  • Windows Storage Driver
  • XenAPINFS Driver
  • Zadara Driver

Currently available integrated backup drivers included in Cinder

  • Ceph Object Store Backup Driver
  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Backup Driver
  • SWIFT Backup Driver (default reference implementation)