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Driver Testing

Testing for new drivers in Kilo release

We've implemented a simple wrapper around the tempest volume.api tests at https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack/tree/master/driver_certs . The process currently is for each vendor to run this test against their backend driver in their own environment. The wrapper is very simple, it just does a fresh clone of the cinder and tempest repos and restarts services, then runs the tempest volume.api tagged tests in the tempest suites and collects the output to a temporary log file. Once you have a log file, create a cinder launchpad bug and attach the log to it. Post a comment to your driver's gerrit review with a link to the bug.

Testing for drivers merged before Kilo release

Deadline for drivers merged before Kilo to have a CI is end of k-2 (5th of Feb 2015) - Discussion regarding this here

To be designated as compatible, a third-party plugin and/or driver code must implement external third party testing. The testing should be Tempest executed against a Devstack build with the proposed code changes. The environment managed by the vendor should be configured to incorporate the plugin and/or driver solution. The OpenStack Infrastructure team has provided details on how to integrate 3rd party testing at:


and Tempest can be found at:


The Cinder team expects that the third party testing will provide (for now) non-voting results for all changes to any cinder code. More information on drivers, the Cinder CI policy and additional links to setting up a CI system at:


When thirdparty CI voting will be required

Once third party CI's become more common and stable, we'll revisit the subject. For now you can review the discussion on the decision.


You are encouraged to join others working on CI in the weekly 3rd party ci meetings: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/ThirdParty

Cinder 3rd party CI related questions can be asked on the #openstack-cinder FreeNode IRC channel.

You can ask directly, or ping one of the following individuals:

  • asselin
  • <volunteer yourself here>

Non-cinder specific CI related questions can also be asked in the #openstack-infra channel where 3rd party CI operators from other programs are active.