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How To Contribute A New Feature

What's the Deadline For New Features

See the OpenStack Dev mailing post.

When Do I Need A Blueprint & Spec

If you meet any of the following:

  • New Cinder core feature
    • Example: Add ability to force-detach a volume.
  • Involves mass changes to existing volume drivers, backup drivers, or target drivers (e.g. API)

When Do I Just Need A Blueprint

If you meet any of the following:

  • Contributing a new volume, backup, target driver.
  • My driver is going to support something that already exists in the base volume, backup, or target driver.
    • Example: Driver X is going to support volume types.


What is a blueprint?

A proposal to implement an already existing feature. You submit it through Launchpad.

What is a spec?

A detailed specification on a feature that has not been defined yet. This is for getting consensus on how features will work across different implementations or in Cinder core. These are submitted via the cinder-spec repo.

Why are blueprints even needed?

We get a lot of proposals, and we need to make a cut. If we don't have your blueprint submitted by whatever date has been discussed in the Cinder Meeting and on the OpenStack Dev mailing list, it doesn't get in the release.