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The following is a list of driver items in the Cinder tree along with maintainer and contact info for those that are listed as managing or owning the driver

Vendor/Driver Maintainers Name Maintainers Email Maintainers IRC Nic Additional contacts
SolidFireDriver John Griffith john.griffith@solidfire.com jgriffith
LVM John Griffith john.griffith@solidfire.com Eric Harney, Jon Bernard
IBM Avishay Traeger avishay@il.ibm.com avishay
NetApp Ben Swartzlander bswartz
Hitachi Data Systems
Gluster Eric Harney eharney
CEPH Josh Durgin jdurgin Mike Perez, Edward Hope-Morley
HP-3PAR Walter Boring, Kurt Martin, Jim Branen walter.boring@hp.com hemna, kmartin, branen
HP-LeftHand Kurt Martin, Walt Boring, Jim Branen kurt.f.martin@hp.com kmartin, hemna, branen
EMC Xing Yang xing.yang@emc.com xyang