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The canonical upstream Chef cookbooks and example repository are located in the Stackforge Github organization. There is a single Chef cookbook for each integrated OpenStack project:

In addition to the project cookbooks, there are five support cookbooks:

As well as an example Chef Repository that sets up an OpenStack environment:


The following table show the supported openstack releases and platforms. Note that some of the cookbooks do not support all the platforms, see the Readme's and metadata files for more information.

Branch Status Platforms
Grizzly stable - frozen Ubuntu 12.04
Havana stable - frozen Ubuntu 12.04, RedHat 6.5, Suse 11.03
Icehouse stable - frozen Ubuntu 12.04, RedHat 6.5, Suse 11.03
Juno stable - fixes Ubuntu 14.04, RedHat 7
Kilo - Master development Ubuntu 14.04, RedHat 7, Suse 11.03
Liberty coming 3Q2015

Release branching work items page

For more information about the project please click this start page.