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Contributing to Ceilometer

The developer documentation is starting to take shape within the source and is also published at http://docs.openstack.org/developer/ceilometer/.

The project team hangs out on Freenode in the #openstack-ceilometer channel, feel free to drop by and stay as long as you want. We use the OpenStack Developers List for our email discussions. If you want to make a post relevant to Ceilometer please tag the message subject with [Ceilometer].

Setting-up Ceilometer via devstack

The easiest way to develop on Ceilometer is to use devstack.

Edit your local.conf file and add these lines to enable ceilometer:

#!highlight bash
enable_service ceilometer-acompute ceilometer-acentral ceilometer-anotification ceilometer-collector ceilometer-api
enable_service ceilometer-alarm-notifier ceilometer-alarm-evaluator

# If you want to run the ceilometer api under apache with mod_wsgi uncomment the following
# If you want to experiment with the polling coordination functionality uncomment one of the
# following coordination urls.
# To speed up the polling interval (so you can see results more quickly) use the following

Possible tasks

Update documentation

A good first step is to try following the documentation to set-up and configure Ceilometer to see if the documentation is wrong or out-dated. Once everything's working, the next step would be to read the rest of the documentation to see if everything that's written is still true. Anything that's not clear or might be missing should be fixed and updated.

To update the documentation, the best way is to send a patch. But notifying the team via the development mailing list or via IRC is fine too!

Close old fixed bugs

Old bugs are nasty. Even when they are long dead, they clog bug views and render the lists unusable. Just look at old bugs and check if they still apply! If they don't, close them as FixReleased (if you can pinpoint when they were fixed) or Invalid (if you can't).

Fix bugs

The best thing you can do is to kill a living bug. Just look at the list of Confirmed or Triaged and pick your target. Submit a change that fixes it. Ask for review help on the channel.

Review patches

You can review patches on the Gerrit platform for ceilometer and for python-ceilometerclient.

Triage incoming bugs

It's sometimes hard to distinguish fresh bugs from false alarms. You can help by using your expertise or reproduction skills on New bugs. If you can confirm the issue, set the bug to Confirmed. If you can fix it, read the previous entry. If you need more info from the reporter, set it to Incomplete. And if it happens to not really be valid, set it to Invalid!

You can read more information about how to do bug triaging for OpenStack.