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OpenStack Programs are the building blocks to achieve OpenStack's mission to produce the ubiquitous Open Source Cloud Computing platform that will meet the needs of public and private clouds regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.

I Programmi sono paragonabili a squadre di persone che usano strumenti (archivi di codice, bug tracker, ecc) e processi coordinate per consentire a uno o più progetti di raggiungere un obiettivo ben definito. Per esempio il Programma Orchestration ha una squadra principale di revisori di codice (core reviewers) responsabili dello sviluppo negli archivi di codice per i progetti Heat, Heat client, heat-cnftools e altri.

The Technical Committee has a mandate to review programs that wish to be included as official program of OpenStack.

The process new programs can follow to become part of OpenStack is described here.

The process new projects can follow to become an Integrated project and part of the OpenStack coordinated release is described here.

Programs managed by OpenStack Foundation

(previously known as Projects)

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