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(How do you use OpenStack and Horizon Today?)
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'''[[OpenStack_Personas | OpenStack Personas]]'''
* '''[[CNBB_Securities_Comany_Overview | CNBB Securities]]'''
* '''[[CNBB_Securities_Comany_Overview | CNBB Securities]]'''
* '''[[Carmen,_IT_Director,_CNBB_Securities | Carmen]]''' (IT Director)
* '''[[Carmen,_IT_Director,_CNBB_Securities | Carmen]]''' (IT Director)

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OpenStack Personas

"I just need to get a VM fast without a lot of process"

Daily Horizon Usage

10 minutes


New York City

CNBB Securities

CNBB Securities is a large financial services company. They have a large IT infrastructure that runs many mission-critical applications. They are rarely on the cutting edge of new technologies but they are aware of them. They value solid, industry standard technology backed up by vendor support.

How do you use OpenStack and Horizon Today?

We have a cloud based on OpenStack. I use it as a test and development environment. I use Horizon sometimes, but normally I just run a script to update my VM with the latest build. I use Horizon when I need a version of the code other than the latest one, which is what the script deploys, or a different size VM than the default one. I also use it when I have to clean up.

What are your main responsibilities?

I am a developer for one of our customer-facing web applications.

What do you think about working with the OpenStack Community?

My employer welcomes our participation in the community and it is a good way to grow, but right now I'm focused on learning our backend code.

What are the key obstacles that you see with OpenStack Today?

It seems to work most of the time. Our Admin does a good job keeping it going. Some of the messages are confusing though and I have to look up some of the UI terms. The networking is confusing too. I only use it a few minutes a day, so it would be better to minimize the number of choices I have to make.

Status: Provisional

Data source: Some feedback from enterprise cloud end users in IT development organization

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