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CNBB Securities Comany Overview

OpenStack Personas

Persona Job Title Daily Horizon Usage Responsibilities
Carmen IT Director 0 hours
  • Run test and development cloud for 50 developers & testers
  • Manage capacity
  • Apply updates
  • Manage the environment that end users see
  • Gain experience with OpenStack for infrastructure migration to cloud
  • Learn about OpenStack
Chuck IT Architect Architect/Cloud admin 2 hours
  • Evaluate and prototype new IT solutions in a sandbox environment
  • May need extensive access to OpenStack, but does not manage the cloud
Caroline IT Architect Architect Fluctuates
  • Approve new project members
  • Request capacity from admin
  • Otherwise same as project user
Calvin Lead Developer/Cloud user 10 minutes
  • Minimal experience with OpenStack
  • Deploy new versions of development code for use in software development
  • Limited interaction with Horizon (Log in, delete old instance, deploy a new one, log out, go back to development)
  • Want interaction to be as quick as possible

CNBB Securities is a large financial services company. They have a large IT infrastructure that runs many mission-critical applications. They are rarely on the cutting edge of new technologies but they are aware of them. They value solid, industry standard technology backed up by vendor support.

They have a large cloud environment with a smaller test and development environment. Their only OpenStack environment is currently a small evaluation project used as a test and development environment for one department.

Cloud User Roles for the CNBB Securities Test and Development Environment

Cnbb securities it overview.png

Cloud User Roles for the CNBB Securities Test and Development Environment

Environment1 cnbb securities.png

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