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Bug Tags

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Note: This page should be kept in sync with each PROJECT official tags (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/PROJECT/+manage-official-tags)

All projects

  • low-hanging-fruit: Bugs that are easy to fix, ideal for beginners to get familiar with the workflow and to have their first contact with the code in OpenStack development.
  • documentation: Bug is about documentation or has an impact on documentation.
  • i18n: Translations / i18n issues.
  • security: Fix for the bug would make OpenStack more resilient to future security issues.
  • ops: Fix for the bug would significantly ease OpenStack operation.
  • SERIES-rc-potential: During the SERIES pre-release period, mark the bug as a potential release-critical blocker
  • SERIES-backport-potential: Mark the bug as a potential backport target to a specific SERIES (grizzly, havana...)


  • api: Bugs related to the compute REST API implementation
  • baremetal: Baremetal driver-specific bugs
  • cells: Bugs with Nova cells
  • compute: Bugs in the nova-compute service that are not specific to a virt driver.
  • conductor: Bugs in the nova-conductor service
  • console: Bugs in the nova-console service (including nova-consoleauth, novncproxy, etc)
  • db: Database (datastore) issues, including migrations.
  • docker: Bugs about Docker containers
  • ec2: Issues specific to EC2 API support.
  • hyper-v: Problems specific to the hyper-v driver
  • libvirt: Problems specific to the libvirt driver
  • lxc: Issues specific to LXC virtualization support.
  • network: Issues in nova-network, Quantum, or Neutron integration.
  • nova-manage: Bugs in the nova-manage utility
  • oslo: Bugs related to Oslo integration (oslo-incubator or Oslo libraries). If the bug is determined to be in the upstream oslo source, the oslo project should also be added to the "Affects" list.
  • postgresql: PostgreSQL specific bugs.
  • powervm: Problems with the powervm driver
  • rootwrap: Problems with run-as-root commands or the rootwrap framework.
  • scheduler: Bugs in the nova-scheduler service
  • stacktrace: The bug report includes a stacktrace
  • testing: Bugs related to testing (unit tests, tempest integration)
  • unified-objects: Bugs related to the unified-objects work
  • vmware: Issues specific to VMware virtualization support.
  • volumes: Issues related to volume support (Cinder integration)
  • xenserver: Issues specific to XenServer/XenAPI virtualization support.


  • api: API, request validation and WSGI routing issues.
  • cli: CLI caused by server request/response handling.
  • db: Database (datastore) issues, including migrations.
  • l3-ipam-dhcp: L3, IP address management (IPAM), DHCP, and metadata issues.
  • lbaas: Load Balancer issues.
  • nova-int: Quantum <> Nova Integration issues.
  • sg-fw: Security Groups and Firewall issues.
  • rootwrap: Problems with run-as-root commands or the rootwrap framework.
  • neutron-core: Issues with the server core or RPC common code.
  • unittest: Unit test issues.

Networking Vendor Plugin Tags:

  • bigswitch: BigSwitch
  • brocade: Brocade
  • cisco: Cisco
  • hyper-v: Hyper-V
  • lb: LinuxBridge
  • mellanox: Mellanox
  • metaplugin: MetaPlugin
  • midonet: Midokura MidoNet
  • ml2: ML2
  • nec: NEC
  • nicira: Nicira NVP
  • ovs: OVS Plugin
  • plumgrid: PlumGrid
  • ryu: RYU


  • rootwrap: Problems with run-as-root commands or the rootwrap framework.


Horizon bug tags are basically related to backend OpenStack projects.

  • ux: User experience issues.
  • horizon-core : related to horizon modules (not specific to openstack_dashboard) (it seems horizon now. Which is better?)
  • dashboard-core : OpenStack dashboard general issues
  • nova : Instance (mainly Nova) related
  • image : Image related (not limited to cinder)
  • volume : Volume related (not limited to cinder)
  • sg-fip : Security Group or Floating IP related (if specific to neutron neutron tag is also recommended)
  • keystone : Identity and user management related
  • neutron : Network panel related issues (including lbaas, fwaas, vpnaas)
  • topology-view : Topology panel related issues
  • heat : Heat (Stack panel) related
  • swift : Swift (Container panel) related
  • ceilometer : Ceilometer (Resource Usage) related
  • trove : Database panel related


  • propose-close : Tagged with meaningful bug comment to to indicate bugs that probably should be closed but need a little more review


  • api: related to the REST API or the ironic-api service
  • db: bugs in the data structure, db api, or migration code
  • nova-driver: related specifically to the nova.virt.ironic driver and our integration with Nova
  • ipmi: related to ipmi drivers (ipmitool and ipminative)
  • pxe: related specifically to the PXE driver
  • agent: related to ironic-python-agent or its driver
  • driver: related to other drivers, the use of drivers, the driver API, etc. Basically, anything not specific to a single driver but still related to drivers.
  • oslo: related to the use of oslo common libraries or oslo-incubator code. If the bug is determined to be in the upstream oslo source, the oslo project should also be added to the "Affects" list.