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Bug Tags

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Note: This page should be kept in sync with each PROJECT official tags (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/PROJECT/+manage-official-tags)

All projects

  • low-hanging-fruit: Bugs that are easy to fix, ideal for a beginner in OpenStack development.
  • documentation: Bug is about documentation or has an impact on documentation.
  • i18n: Translations / i18n issues.
  • security: Fix for the bug would make OpenStack more resilient to future security issues.
  • ops: Fix for the bug would significantly ease OpenStack operation.


  • baremetal: Baremetal driver-specific bugs.
  • db: Database (datastore) issues, including migrations.
  • ec2: Issues specific to EC2 API support.
  • lxc: Issues specific to LXC virtualization support.
  • network: Issues in nova-network.
  • rootwrap: Problems with run-as-root commands or the rootwrap framework.
  • volume: Issues in nova-volume.
  • xenserver: Issues specific to XenServer/XenAPI virtualization support.


  • ux: User experience issues.