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December Bug Squashing Days

  • Doc Bug Squash Date: December 6th, 2012
  • Code Bug Squash Date: December 13th, 2012
  • Topic: OpenStack project bugs.
  • Key objective: Close as many bugs as possible over a day !

What ?

A bug squashing day is a bug day where all the OpenStack developer community focuses exclusively on trying to close as many bugs as possible. This can be done in multiple ways: you don't have to be an experienced developer to participate, and those days are a great way to start joining the OpenStack community.

Where ?

The event happens mostly online, in a dedicated #openstack-bugsquash IRC channel on Freenode (that all participants are encouraged to join for the duration of the event). It can also happen in various places around the world, as the community informally gathers around food and drinks to squash bugs !

How ?

On December 6th we'll focus on Documentation bugs:

On December 13th we'll focus on Code bugs in any of the OpenStack projects.

  • See DevQuickstart for instructions on getting a development environment up.


See how much of a difference you make: we will graph our progress during the whole day, using stats at: http://status.openstack.org/bugday/ (now with improved stacked view !)


Close old fixed bugs

Old bugs are nasty. Even when they are long dead, they clog bug views and render the lists unusable. Just look at old bugs and check if they still apply ! If they don't, close them as FixReleased (if you can pinpoint when they were fixed) or Invalid (if you can't).

Fix bugs

The best thing you can do on a bug squashing day is to kill a live one. Just look at the list of Confirmed or Triaged and pick your target. Submit a change that fixes it. Ask for review help on the channel.

Triage incoming bugs

It's sometimes hard to distinguish fresh bugs from false alarms. You can help by using your expertise or reproduction skills on New bugs. If you can confirm the issue, set the bug to Confirmed. If you can fix it, read the previous chapter. If you need more info from the reporter, set it to Incomplete. And if it happens to not really be valid, set it to Invalid !