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Boston Cloud Congress

This page is for tracking and organising the community engaged in providing an international open cloud.


  • The Boston Cloud Congress is a gathering of clouds provided for and by research, academic and scientific institutions.
  • The event is planned to occur May 15th and 16th at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
  • The aim of the event is to produce a high level set of principles on the value for federating a distributed open cloud for researchers and scientists internationally.
  • The event objective for the 'Boston Cloud Congress' is to produce and ratify the "Boston Open Cloud Declaration".

To Participate:

  • Participants are asked to read the following resources prior to agreeing attendance at the event, to register you will be asked a series of questions to assure you are au fait with the material and content.

Required reading for attendance and participation at the Boston Cloud Congress:


  • Horizon 2020 Open Science Cloud Investment Scoping
  • EU Science Cloud
  • (Australia) National Research Infrastructure Cloud
  • NSF Chameleon and Jetstream funding


Please register your participation at the following link: TBA.

Activities to date (reverse chronological)

Please edit and add any new activities with a contact name, location and date.

  • Venue being discussed (98ppl) with MIT for 'day and half event' for May 15th and part of May 16th, 2016.
  • Scoping document published for circulation and discussion as draft agenda for a Boston Cloud Declaration.
  • Responses and interest for a 'Boston Cloud Congress' to occur in collaboration with the OpenStack Summit in Boston May 2017 from MIT, CERN, UTS, ANL, NeCTAR, Jisc and H2020
  • July 2016 The Boston Cloud Congress proposed as a top-down event to discuss the policy and processes needed to be agreed for technical use case scenarios to be progressed.
  • May 2016 update provided via the Scientific-WG on technical use cases for federated cloud identity, conversations on technical implications for an international open access cloud federation begun.
  • April 2016 Luncheon with stakeholders from the USA (NSF, Internet2), UK & EU (Jisc, Horizon2020) and Australia (NCRIS) in Austin, Texas at the USA OpenStack Summit. France's (Grid 500 invited unable to attend)
  • March 2016 Invitation to Directors of National Scientific Cloud providers, https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Announcement-Scientific-WG-Austin-Summit by Dr Khalil Yazdi
  • January 2016 Scientific Working Group established via Stig Telfer, David F. Flanders, Paul Calleja and