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Tips and Tricks for Hosts of the OpenStack Bootstrapping hour.

Scheduling Episodes

  • Try to keep the schedule 3 episodes in advance, this makes it far less stressful landing new topics, and gives you a good month typically to keep ahead of things.
  • Assume the speakers forget. Contact them the week before they are on the agenda for a heads up.

Setting up Events

  • Organizers should create events for the upcoming recordings via the OpenStack Bootstrapping Hour Google Page https://plus.google.com/b/117719128654252652238/dashboard/overview
  • Scheduling is done via My Business -> Hangouts -> Hangouts on Air -> Start a Hangout on Air -> (Select Starts: Later)
  • If we schedule the Item a week in advance, and add Public to it, Google will list it in it's upcoming directory
  • After scheduling an event, follow the youtube link provided and make sure it's got the countdown clock

Speaker Prep

  • Make sure that one of the hosts does a tech check with the Speaker(s) to see that their Google Hangouts are working the week of the event.
  • Get an abstract from the speaker as early as possible. Minimum 1 week in advance for scheduling and announce purposes.

Day of Event

  • One host should connect to the pre created Google Hangout as the OpenStack Bootstrapping Hour Google Page and hit start ~10 - 15 minutes before the hangout. You are not yet live at this point
  • Send the hangout private url to all the other participants, hosts, speakers.
  • Give everyone fair warning when you are going to go Live.
  • Do the talk.
  • When things are winding down, click the End Hangout on Air button. This will drop you from the live stream, but it will leave all the participants together. Now is a good time for a post mortem.
  • The archived stream should be available within 10 minutes. Check that it looks good, and publicize that link.


  • Once you've ended a Hangout on Air it's done, there is no starting it up again.
  • Whoever connects as the OpenStack Bootstrapping Hour Page will not have access to Google Drive in the Hangout because of id mapping issues.