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The OpenStack Bootstrapping Hour is a regular video series taking deep dives into parts of OpenStack to help cross pollinate the vast amount of knowledge between OpenStack developers. The target audience is developers that have been knee deep in OpenStack for some period of time. It's done as a Google Hangout on Air, that's live broadcast to Youtube with associated etherpad.

The format is 30 minutes of deep dive by the experts on a particular topic, with questions driven by the host(s). After which there is audience question period based on questions posted to the etherpad.

The cadence is every 2 weeks, typically on a Friday (unless otherwise noted), as a good way to send off into your weekend.

Next Episode

  • Oct 3rd

Upcoming Episodes

  • Oct 3rd
  • Oct 17th
  • Oct 31st (skipped because of summit)
  • Nov 14th
  • Dec 5th
  • Dec 19th

Episode Lists

How To Docs