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* '''Launchpad Entry''': [[NovaSpec]]:version-py
* '''Launchpad Entry''': NovaSpec:version-py
* '''Created''':
* '''Created''':
* '''Contributors''':  
* '''Contributors''':  

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  • Launchpad Entry: NovaSpec:version-py
  • Created:
  • Contributors:


Provide a programmatic way to interact with the version of nova.

Release Note

Include version.py that exposes version information.


We can build a file that stores version information in a single place. That information can be used for logging, documentation, and checking compatibility by third-party libraries. The file can be updated when setup.py is run to include branch information from bzr.


This is based on guidance from Soren, who has done this sort of thing before.


Check lp:~anso/nova/deploy. Still needs to interact with doc/source/conf.py, though.