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  • Launchpad Entry: TempestSpec:speed-up-tempest
  • Created: 18 May 2013
  • Contributors:


Use a horizontally and vertically scalable and extensible test runner.

Release Note


The gate time has impact to the development speed. Parallel test case execution on multiple machines can dramatically speed up Unit Test execution.

User stories

  • 'Gate is tooo slow'
  • 'I would like use the same test runner with all OpenStack component and handling the test runs in similar way'
  • http://refstack.org/


  • Happier developers.
  • Faster user level API validation


  • Replacing the notesttests test runner to testtools/testresources/testrepository combination.
  • Mitigate the common fixture usage
  • Maintain test capability without admin rights


  1. Increase the single thread risks in order to be less confuse-able with parallel issues.

The tempest code uses waits for delete to mitigate the chance of running out from resources, this type of issue will happen in parallel.

  1. fix numbered, order dependent issues
  2. traceable logging ??
  3. add an option to old and new code path
  4. scale horizontally
  5. Add test case scheduler which supports resource reuse

UI Changes

output will change. Hopefully we will not see the logging from the skip exception from at the setup classes.

Code Changes

Remove complex skip decisions, test selection should be done by attributes based on the configuration file and skip exceptions.

Additional Notes

The test cases rarely needs to writes to the volumes. Smaller () 10GB volume storage will not be enough, but the Thin provisioning can help.

Probably we will need to use a more than 64 MB memory flavor type, it might be necessary for testing heat properly.


Change the tox settings. Add post processing

Test/Demo Plan

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion