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Official Title

Resource Reservation


Resource Reservation program aims to provide resources reservations possibilities to OpenStack based cloud via contract-based mechanism called lease between service (Blazar) and user. Resource reservation initiative includes close integration with other OpenStack projects to support different resources.

Mission Statement

Provide ability to manage different cloud resources in time, by offering their planning and resources allocation/reclaiming process automation.


Our team is working on providing OpenStack with resource reservation opportunity in time-based manner, including close integration with all other OS projects. As Blazar initiative is targeting to provide not only compute resources revervation, but also volumes, network resources, storage nodes reservation opportunity, we consider it is not about being a part of some existing OpenStack program. This initiative needs to become a part of completely new Resource Reservation Program, that aims to implement time-based cloud resource management.


Resource Reservation initiative has been developed during all last year, and now there is great effective team working on it including talented people from Mirantis, Bull, Inria, Intel and eNovance. We believe that this project will have great future as a part of OpenStack ecosystem and will bring new features and possibilities to it. Our team is having weekly meetings ([https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Blazar Fridays 15:00 UTC) and we have already released Blazar 0.1.0 as our first proposal on how reservation opportunity will look in future. Now we've almost finished work on 0.1.1 release containing some technical improvements and bug fixes, and are collecting (and starting implementing) scope for 0.2.x release branch. Current Blazar PTL is Dina Belova (DinaBelova on IRC), and she was chosen by Blazar ATCs during official voting - https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Blazar/PTL


Blazar roadmap may be found here.