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Ben Schofield, Cloud Administrator, Comany TBD

OpenStack Personas

  • TBD Company
  • Name TBD (IT Director)
  • Ben Schofield (Cloud admin)
  • Name TBD (Lead Developer/Cloud user)

"OpenStack has some bugginess and some limitations, but it's getting there."

Daily Horizon Usage

8 hours


New York City

Company TBD

Company TBD is a fortune 500 company that has embraced OpenStack and is running it in production in a large infrastructure. Need more details...

How do you use Horizon Today?

I regularly log into Horizon to monitor the health and resource utilization of my infrastructure and to identify potential issues. I also use it to visualize my network topology. I sometimes use Horizon to spin up instances but use a combination of CLI and scripts to automate larger tasks.

What are your main responsibilities?

I manage the cloud, but need more detail.

What do you think about working with the OpenStack Community?

I like how vibrant and active the community is at sharing information. I like to tinker and try things out. If I get stuck, I’ll ask questions via IRC or the mailing list and someone always responds. I’m very optimistic about the future of OpenStack. I wish I had time to contribute to OpenStack, but I’m too busy in my current role to do so.

What are the key obstacles that you see with OpenStack Today?

I don't feel there are any big obstacles as I've been able to work around most issues so far. I'm hopeful that OpenStack will continue to improve and make my job easier.

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Data source: OpenStack and non-OpenStack Customer interviews

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