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== AutoScaling SIG ==
#REDIRECT [[Auto-scaling_SIG]]
'''Status''': In review
'''Original proposal''': http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-January/001656.html
=== Mission ===
This [[OpenStack_SIGs|SIG]] aims to improve experience on develop, operate, and use auto-scaling and it's related features (like metering, cluster schedule, life cycle management) and to coordinate across projects and communities (like k8s cluster auto-scaling on OpenStack). Also provide a central place to put tests, documentations, and even common libraries for Auto-scaling features.
=== Background ===
OpenStack provide multiple methods to auto-scale your cluster (Like using Heat AutoScalingGroup, Senlin Cluster, etc.). Without a general organize across projects, users and ops got a lot of confuse when trying to do auto-scaling on OpenStack. Developers also separated to projects and only doing their own stuff. Most of the components required by auso-scaling already exist within OpenStack, we need to provide a more simple way for users and ops to adopt auto-scaling. And allowing developers to coordinate together instead of implement something all over again.
=== Goals ===
* Set up SIG, init doc, meeting, ml
* Create Forum and AutoScaling SIG PTG sessions
=== Getting Involved ===
We're currently working on a structure to make everyone more easier to getting involve. Our StoryBoard, init documentation, and other information will be up soon.
=== SIG Chairs ===
* Rico Lin
* Duc Truong
* Zane Bitter
We welcome anyone who willing to join and help. And we surly are willing to re-elect chairs as soon as we got our init setup done.
=== Upcoming events ===
=== Past events ===
* Events at Berlin Forum, November 2018
** [https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/autoscaling-integration-and-feedback Autoscaling Integration, improvement, and feedback]
=== Project liasons ===
This is a good idea, but we need some more discussion on who and how we can bridge this system up.

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