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Theory of Auto-Scaling

General Description

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Conceptual Diagram

Auto-Scaling Architecture Component Diagram

If you prefer PlantUML


cloud Cloud\n {

 rectangle host as "Host" {
 rectangle host2 as "Host" {
   agent VM
   agent VM2 as "VM"
   agent Container
   agent Container2 as "Container"


agent MS as "Monitoring Service" agent DS as "Decision Services\n(Clustering,\nOptimization,\nRoot Cause)" agent Heat as "Orchestration \nEngine"

host -down-> MS VM -down-> MS Container -down-> MS : "Metric \nSamples"

MS -down-> DS : "Alarms" MS -down-> Heat : "Alarms"

DS -right-> Heat : "Scaling Commands"

Heat -up-> host : "Orchestration" Heat -up-> VM2 : "Orchestration" Heat -up-> Container2 : "Orchestration"


Considerations and Guidelines

  • Monitoring takes resources, plan accordingly
  • Avoid scaling too quickly or too often
  • Don't expect instantaneous scaling (see above)
  • Be aware of where the logic for scaling is (alarm thresholds, decision services)