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Architecture Design Guide restructure work items

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Architecture Design Guide Restructure

Do not modify the current guide in openstack-manuals/docs/arch-design.  Commit your work to the draft directory openstack-manuals/docs/arch-design-draft.
  • Please ensure your commit messages references the blueprint: Implements: blueprint arch-guide-restructure


Newton specification

Ocata specification

Arch Guide-reviews

Cloud architect article

Pike release goals

  • Focus on writing the Design chapter
    • Highest priority is completing the storage and networking sections
    • Complete other sections in the Design chapter
  • Develop a use case template
  • Remove arch content from the ops guide since it has been migrated to the arch guide
  • Archive the current arch guide


  • Rearchitect the storage chapter

Ocata release goals

  • Complete compute section in Design chapter
  • Publish draft guide to openstack-manuals (TBC)


To assign yourself a task, put your name next to the section or task and reference the review URL. Change the status to DONE when the task is completed.

Chapter Section Sub-section Assignee Bug number Progress
Use cases Development cloud
Use cases General compute cloud
Use cases Web scale cloud
Use cases Public cloud
Use cases Network Function Virtualization (NFV) cloud Design model
High Availability Ben to review migrated content
Capacity planning and scaling The Starting Point
Capacity planning and scaling Adding Cloud Controller Nodes
Capacity planning and scaling Segregating Your Cloud
Capacity planning and scaling Scalable Hardware
Design Compute service Introduction Ben Silverman WIP https://review.openstack.org/#/c/400525/4
Design Compute service Compute node technical detail Ben Silverman Done? -Done Change-Id: Ie269eb91a6cf3ea07a45bc2a86bf5080dd9e4989
Design Compute service Overview Ben Silverman Done-ish/WIP Change-Id: Ie269eb91a6cf3ea07a45bc2a86bf5080dd9e4989
Design Compute service Choosing a CPU Ben Silverman Done - Change-Id: Ib9c86d62a985976679de1d5e8fdd7e2aea5282a1
Design Compute service Choosing a hypervisor Ben Silverman Done - Change-Id: I641cfee2d62bffb74d48fac0e7b580ef743dd757
Design Compute service Choosing server hardware Ben Silverman Change-Id: I5a52a3d7e9024126e02bb695e359a61320f4147a
Design Compute service Other hardware considerations Ben Silverman BEN: Going to combine this with the previous section - Change-Id: I5a52a3d7e9024126e02bb695e359a61320f4147a
Design Compute service Instance Storage Solutions Ben Silverman TODO
Design Compute service Overcommitting Ben Silverman TODO
Design Compute service Logging Ben Silverman Done - Change-Id: I94b3065d605576ca48faff06a86865dc4b283bda
Design Compute service Networking Ben Silverman Done - Change-Id: I2054d3c59cfb8edb50ce3ebe903c3a7aaa62ddbf
Design Compute service Compute (server) hardware selection Ben Silverman BEN: I think this is redundant to 6.1.5
Design Storage Storage hardware selection Ben Silverman In Progress
Design Networking Shaun O'Meara https://review.openstack.org/#/c/391465/ MERGED
Design Identity service
Design Image service
Design Control plane
Design Cloud Management Platform tools

Newton goals