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OpenStack Academic Initiative


  • provide a place for all research academics efforts can be advertised and found, about and around OpenStack (not generic about IaaS or PaaS)
    • a list of papers published and ongoing research
    • a list of conferences about cloud computing
  • maintain a list of ideas for the companies to sponsor research,like a "market"
  • a place for the companies to say what they need and research can execute
    • undergrad level, gsoc-style, time starved but there are many of them. it's important to be easy for them to contribute
    • masters level, more in depth work, empirical studies like performance evaluation
    • phd level, exploratory type of research
  • handle the funding, hr tasks, mentoring: who's going to manage this?
    • mentoring is intense and time consuming, but crucial for the success of research
  • provide resources, like hardware for tests, for researchers
  • advertise this initiative among researchers
    • Example: setup OpenStack tracks at a couple of relevant conferences

Next steps:

Identify the group responsible for this initiative and define action items, deadlines and deliverables.