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Setup Abfab

Configure Apache HTTPD for mod_moonshot

This section presents the steps that are necessary in order to get authenticated using ABFAB federation protocol on Openstack.

Run Keystone in HTTPD

Follow the steps outlined at: Running Keystone in HTTPD.

Install Moonshot Libraries and Moonshot Module for Apache

Click on the links below for instructions on how to install it. mod_moonshot (aka mod_auth_gssapi) is compatible with Apache HTTPD server v2.22, which can be installed on the following Linux flavours.

Configure mod_Moonshot

Configure mod_moonshot to connect to an ABFAB compatible server.

Configure Shibboleth

mod_moonshot also needs Shibboleth service configuration files located in /etc/shibboleth.

On RHEL, CentOS or SE Linux distributions, shibd is installed with moonshot libraries, so the files just need to be configured.

On Ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04, you can install mod_shib installed, and disable it.

$ apt-get install mod_shib 
$ a2dismod shib2

Or you can optionally set up the /etc/shibboleth files manually.

For instructions on how to configure Shibboleth, follow the instructions of the section "Configuring shibboleth2.xml" in this link.

Configure Keystone

In the keystone Apache site file, locate the virtual host entry and add the following entries for Abfab:

<VirtualHost *:5000>
    <LocationMatch /v3/OS-FEDERATION/identity_providers/*?/protocols/abfab/auth>
        AuthType Negotiate
        Require valid-user
<VirtualHost *:35357>
    <LocationMatch /v3/OS-FEDERATION/identity_providers/*?/protocols/abfab/auth>
        AuthType Negotiate
        Require valid-user


  • abfab may be different in your deployment.
  • Using a different wildcard instead of "*" (eg. "Abfab_*") will make only IdPs prefixed with "Abfab_" to authenticate using "abfab" protocol.

Restart Apache

$ service apache2 restart