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API Working Group weekly newsletter template

This page contains the template that should be used when generating the weekly newsletter that is sent out by the group.


Subject: [all][api] POST /api-wg/news

Greetings OpenStack community,

Welcome to another edition of the API working group's weekly newsletter.

# Recently merged guidelines

These guidelines have been recently merged by the group.

* <insert guideline title here>
  <insert guideline review link here>
* ....

# API guidelines proposed for freeze

The following guidelines are available for broader review by interested parties. These will be merged in one week if there is no further feedback.

* <insert guideline title here>
  <insert guideline review link here>
* ....

# Guidelines currently under review

These are guidelines that the working group are debating and working on for consistency and language. We encourage any interested parties to join in the conversation.

* <insert guideline title here>
  <insert guideline review link here>
* ....

# APIImpact reviews

Reviews marked as APIImpact are meant to help inform the working group about changes which would benefit from wider inspection by group members and liaisons. While the working group will attempt to address these reviews whenever possible, it is highly recommended that interested parties attend the API-WG meetings[1] to promote communication surrounding their reviews.


Thanks for reading and see you next week!

[1]: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/API-WG#Agenda