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'''Status''': Forming
'''Status''': Forming
'''Organisers''': Chris Kemp <chris.c.kemp@nebula.com>
'''Organisers''': Chris Kemp <chris.c.kemp@nebula.com>; Tom Fifield <tom@openstack.org>

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Status: Forming

Organisers: Chris Kemp <chris.c.kemp@nebula.com>; Tom Fifield <tom@openstack.org>


  • Provide a set of recommendations to improve the experience of API consumers, including:
    • changes to the design summit, and other OpenStack events
    • foundation staffing and tasks
  • Provide a voice and stewardship to represent the API consumer in the community
  • Coordinate a limited number of technical projects to improve the experience of API consumers

How to Join

If you wish to participate in the activity, please email the organisers.

Example Projects

  • Outreach to API consumer customers
  • API Documentation